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About us

Natteas is owned and operated in England, where tea is not just a beverage, it’s tradition. Not a single day goes by without a cup in our hands and personal time with family or friends.

Each blend is unique as it comes from different regions around the world, with different varieties of your favourites, including green tea, black tea, healthy teas – as well as more exotic blends with unique properties, including festive teas, pu-erh tea and even children’s teas.

 We taste test each blend of our tea, to ensure it comes with the high quality we expect of a perfectly delicious pot. Your package is guaranteed to receive:

  • Individual care
  • Professional and attentive service
  • Personal note from the owner
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Our loyalty program

Learn more about each one of our teas by visiting our blog page 

What began over a cup of tea…

The simple pleasure of discussing the events of the day over a cup of tea is what led my husband and I to have a strong connection to this worldly commodity. Our nightly ritual became enriched with different blends, flavours, notes, spices and dried fruits. Our desire to learn as much as we could of this ancient luxury is what led us five years later to build our own collection of teas that contain elements for all of our five senses. 

As a florist by trade, I understand how smell captivates us and leads us to memories of the past. I make this an important part of your experience with Natteas, so that every sip you take transports you to another world and experience… even when you are snug and comfortable at home!

Each tea we process is hand crafted and tested by our family of perfectionists. So you can rest assured that each cup you enjoy is responsibly sourced and made before being packaged. We love tea, we enjoy spending time together, and we believe tea can enrich your physical and mental health. All it takes in one sip to experience the positive health effects!

We hope you enjoy Natteas as much as our family and friends do.

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