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Xantou Mandarin White


GRADE – Pu-erh OP(Orange Pekoe)


Region: Yunnan Province, China

Cup characteristics:  A new holiday classic! Cup is light with exotic mandarin sweetness. Orange peel imparts a natural flavour. Tastes like home..

Luxury ingredients:  White tea( Pu-erh style), Mandarin.

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Xantou Mandarin White

In a country where tea drinking dates to 2737 BC, making news isn’t an easy accomplishment. Essentially, everything’s been done before. Every leaf style, production method and scenting technique has been experimented with and perfected 1000 times over by artisans from Anhui to Zhejiang. In fact, during the past half dozen years or so, collecting white

Pu-erh has become a popular pastime with the country’s newly emerging middle class. Today as white Pu-erh, including this Xartou Mandarin White Pu-erh, steadily makes its way westward. It is finding converts everywhere it turns up. White Pu-erhs typically greet the pallet with warm notes of vanilla, early spring grass and the subtle character of a lightly roasted mountain oolong.

From the careful plucking of centuries old tea bushes, to the rolling on wide wicker baskets to the natural wood fires used to flash heat the mandarin orange peel, everything is done entirely by hand. (Note: firing the orange peel serves to kill any microorganisms that may be present.)

The cup it produces is outstanding. A light yellow liquor resembling camomile tea leads to a medium body with a gentle astringent assertiveness, sweet notes of citrus, honey and vanilla and a surprisingly clean finish – Xantou Mandarin White

Traditional Chinese brewing method:

Break off enough lea for one cup, (about one gram), 1st  brew 30 seconds, 2nd  brew 40 secs, 3rd  brew 40 Secs 4th  brew

60 secs, 5th  brew 90 secs, 6th  120 secs With each subsequent brewing, note how the character of this wonderful white Pu-erh subtly shifts in terms of strength and flavor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product has been subjected to intense high temperature to purify and

pasteurize the outer shell. Orange peel is not intended for consumption.


We all believe that the same tea, with different brewing method, may have different taste. So, how to brew this little tea ball? Here we’d like to share a method for brewing XANTOU MANDARIN WHITE PU-ERH with a Gaiwan.

Step 1. Open up the package and take out the Mandarin White Pu-erh Tea; Most of the Mandarin White Pu-erh Tea will have a layer of wrapping, which can not only preserve its fragrance, but also protect them from collisions during transportation.

Step 2. Use a tea needle to poke four holes evenly around the tea ball, and better not to let the tea leaves leak out.

Step 3. Put the Mandarin White Pu-erh Tea into Gaiwan, inject boiled water; There are two ways: After the tea is put into Gaiwan, pour the water in. So that the tea leaves are fully moistened and heated. Then pour out the tea liquid.

Ⅰ. Pour water directly in the middle of mandarin orange

Water will be poured in the ripened Pu-erh tea, so that the tea liquid is red and the taste of Pu-erh will be mellower and richer.

Ⅱ. Pour water around the tea

Water pours around the mandarin orange, so that the tea liquid is bright yellow with sweet taste. By this way, the taste of pu-erh tea is relatively weak, and the fragrance of mandarin orange is richer.

Step 4. Pour the tea liquid out into a tea pitcher, and serve it to cups, enjoy the tea!


We strongly recommend using filtered or freshly drawn cold water brought to a rolling boil when brewing all types of tea. Today’s water has been known to carry viruses, parasites and bacteria. Boiling the water will kill these elements and reduce the potential incidence of water-borne illnesses.

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